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Terms & conditions

1. When doing any download on a2zandroidrom site, you agree to the terms of the site.

2. At a2androidrom we are just helping users to providing them stock roms and custom rom links and their tutorials to resolve any poteintial problem caused by misuse or damage from and android device software or any manner.

3. maximum links are on this website are collected from internet and this stock roms are stock means this are official and orignal. we don’t sell any stock rom we just sharing links so we can help you.


Your Responsibility.

It is extremely important to make clear that in no way are
responsible for any damage on their devices. All procedures
and downloads are the sole responsibility of the user.


4. Understand the Risks of all these process

 Don’t flash other Stock rom those made for other device.

First understand the full process and then install it at your own risk. we are not responsible in any manner if you damaged your device.

Development process and flashing rom or any software installation on your device are subject of risk so we will not responsible for it. Even these stock roms are not tested by a2zandroidrom authority we just sharing links those peoples already shared on internet we are just collecting them and making a hub where you  can download them and use it. By Doing any flashing or any rooting process you will void your warranty so be careful.
5.Recommendations for you

We always recommend using the manufacturers own programs,
such as; Samsung Kies, PC Companion Sony among others. To update
Use these Roms in case of infinite loop or infinite boot where these programs
officers of the manufacturers do not work.

6. If you persist any problem then go to the service center of your device manufacturer.

6. All trademarks,ROMS, FIRWMARE and copyrights are owned by their respective companies throughout the webpages

*Terms and conditions may change accordingly all rights are reserved to a2zandroidrom

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