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Lenovo k3 note K50a40 Root and CWM recovery installation 100% working

After many request we are going to share this method with all of you with our exclusive video….

Here we will install CWM recovery to lenovo k3 note K50a40 indian version and also Root lenovo k3 note k50a40….

This method is 100% working and we made a video also to help all of you…

So here is download list

1. Download Super SU betaSU.zip  —> Download

2. Download Pdanet App —> Download

3. Download Lenovo drivers and Pdanet drivers —> Download

4. Download Minimal adb and fastboot —> Download


NOTE:- DO IT YOUR OWN RISK…although we did it on 100% security and got success ration 100% but if you damaged your device than don’t blame us…

You will void your warrnty as you will lost stock Lenovo Recovery…but you can flash stock recovery later also…Unrooting is still not possible…


lets start
you can follow this video guide


Or you can follow this write guide…

  1. Download all essential files from above and extract them in one place.
  2. copy that BETA-SuperSU-v2.49.zip file in your internal memory and sdcard both.
  3. now install that pdanet+ app in your device
  4. Now Enable usb debugging mode in your device settings….Follow this step….Go to settings > Developer option > Usb debugging
  5. if you don’t have Developer option then go to Setting -> about phone -> device info -> tape build number for abpout 7 times to enable developer option..
  6. Now your device is ready.
  7. Now install Lenovo drivers and pdanet drivers in your windows pc and after complete restart pc.
  8. Now connect your device with usb cable.
  9. Open folder Minimal ADB and Fastboot and run “py_cmd”
  10. Commond prompt will open
  11. Now type “adb devices”
  12. you will see your device listed if not than first install driver in proper way then continue.
  13. now Type “adb reboot bootloader”
  14. Your device will reboot in fastboot mode.
  15. Now type “fastboot device”
  16. you will see you device listed below.
  17. Now make commond “fastboot flash recovery recovery.img” and hit enter
  18. Now wait and this commond will flash recovery to your device.
  19. Now type commond “fastboot reboot”
  20. Your device will reboot into normal mode….now Switch off it again…
  21. Now press volume up + down + power button together until lenovo logo appear.
  22. Now select English language.
  23. Now choose install zip
  24. and select that “BETA-SuperSU-v2.49.zip”
  25. Now install it.
  26. Process done.
  27. Go back to main menu
  28. Choose “power off””
  29. Now again boot your device…
  30. You will see that super su is installed in your device…


NOW THis method is good enough for rooting purpose only….Backup and restore is still suspicious with CWM in lenovo k3 note k50a40…..

So to perform Backup and restore you will need to use TWRP recovery…

You can Install TWRP recovery with above method…Just you have to replace CWM recovery with TWRP recovery…..

All you have to do this…Download TWRP recovery from here —– >  Click here to DOwnload

and place this recovery.img in the “Minimal ADB and Fastboot” folder and replace the old one with this TWRP recovery and all process is same…now you Make your system backup and restore it also….



 HOW TO install Stock lenovo Recovery again?

To do this visit our thread..

Click here to see how to install lenovo k3 note k50a40 stock recovery again



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23 thoughts on “Lenovo k3 note K50a40 Root and CWM recovery installation 100% working

  1. Pingback: How To Root Lenovo k3 Note K50 a40 Indian version

  2. Ravishankar

    Work like a charm…
    Superb, Thanks.
    I installed TWRP from below of this post as i want to make my nandroid backup.

  3. pradeep

    I getting an error while flashing:

    sending ‘recovery’ (9226 KB)…
    FAILED (unknown status code)
    finished. total time: 0.329s

    pls give a solution…

  4. Sajid

    I followed all the above instructions and I have successfully flashed cwm.But when I press –Volume down+Volume up+power button it showed the default lenovo recovery…..So what to do.
    Thanking you in advance.

  5. sumit bisht

    Thanks brother,
    Worked like a charm.
    I was flashing to an earlier version of SuperSU (1.94) and it was giving error on Android 5.0 (there is no su binary installed)
    With your updated SuperSU, I am able to root!

  6. Aamir Aziz

    Tried many times…. Ran as admin also…. Tried removing battery also….the procedure completes succesfully….. But It showed me lenovo stock recovery only….. Please help!

  7. shahid

    I had been through the same problem. Try this…it may help. While executing the command “fast boot reboot” don’t wait for your device to boot in normal mode….rather press and hold volume keys and the power key just after executing the command, and wait for recovery to load. Please comment if you get successful so that others could benefit

  8. keeru

    thanks for the procedure bro…followed the above steps and works fine with twrp recovery…thanks again…

  9. Bharatp

    My Lenovo K3 Note went suddenly into Meta mode after my battery completely drained out. When I tried to restart, the only message I get is “Have been in meta mode, long press the power button and the normal boot”.
    I tried all the possible options with power button and volume keys. Also removed the battery cards, sim. But only message I get is Meta mode. Phone is charging when I plug in the charger. However It is not getting detected in my laptop.

    I can see your process worked for many. But in my case it is in meta mode so I am not able to enable the USB debugging and installe the superSu on device.

    Can you suggest me some solution?

  10. anil kalel

    hi bro I was triying your method but I stuck in fastboot mode. the cmd says waiting for divice but the device is just stuck on fastboot mode
    what to do dear
    and one more thing after (adb reboot bootloader ) the the device id is not mentionaing in cmd






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