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Download Bingo T30 smart watch Stock Firmware flash file and Detailed review

Download Bingo T30 smart watch Stock Firmware flash file and Detailed review


Hello Firends here we are going to share Bingo T30 Smart watch Stock rom firmware flash file.

Details about firmware is


[BRANCH]: 11CW1352MP
2016/01/13 16:32

=============== Memory Detection Report ===============

Internal RAM: Size = 0x0000D000 (52KB)

External RAM: Type = SRAM

Size = 0x00400000 (4MB/32Mb)

NOR Flash: Device ID = “[GigaDevice] GD25LQ64″ (237)
Size = 0x00800000 (8MB/64Mb)

NAND Flash: ERROR: NAND Flash was not detected!

============ RAM Test ============

Data Bus Test :

Address Bus Test :

RAM Pattern Test :
Writing …

Increment/Decrement Test :
Writing …



Lets Talk about firmware.

We have 3 Different Firmware.

One is stock Firmware for Bingo T30….Watch faces in this Firmware are Below

Another is Custom Firmware for Bingo T30 with custom watch Face(Images Below).


Third one is SAMSUNG custom Firmware for Bingo T30 with 3 Different watch face and SAMSUNG boot animation. (Video is Below)




Download Bingo T30 Stock firmware from here

Download stock rom


Download Bingo T30 Custom Firmware from here.

Download stock rom

Download Bingo T30 Samsung Smart watch Custom Firmware from here

Download stock rom

Before we start installation process you will need few Files ready, so download them from below

1.First of all Download the Firmware according to your choice from above Given links

2.Download Flash tool supported version from here–> DOWNLOAD

3.MTK Drivers from here—-> DOWNLOAD


How TO install?

Here is Guide to install the firmware to Bingo T30 Smartwatch.

1. If your watch is Working then connect it while it is on and select COM port connection in watch and press ok. This will install proper drivers on your PC.

2. Now while watch is connected Right click on windows Start button and choose ‘Device manager’ and where you will see one unknown device in other devices. now Right click on that device and click on ‘update driver’.

3. Select manually install and select the folder where you downloaded the driver from above link and let them install.

4. After finish your pc will recognize your Watch as MTK USB Port.

5. If your PC is already recognizing it then you can skip above steps.

6. Now Extract flash tool.

7. Extract firmware in different folder.

8. RIght click on Flash tool application file and run as administrator.

9. Now Click on scatter/config file and browse to your frimware folder and choose ‘config_mtk.cfg’ file.

10. Now all files will be loaded in flash tool.

11. Now go to “Options’ menu in flash tool and then select ‘Backup and Restore’ and then choose ‘Backup –>Download/Formate —>Restore’.

12. Now Click on Download Button on Flash tool.

13. Now Switch off your Smart watch if that is on.

14. Connect your smart watch While that is switch off. and flash tool will recognize its COM port if all went correct.

15. Flashing will start. Don’t Interrupt during this process otherwise your watch will be brick.

16. When one Green Circle will appear then Flashing will be done and disconnect your watch and boot it.


Although all steps are easy and we Did them on our watch and got 100% success but this depend on proper driver installation and System variation too.

Video Guide How to Flash Bingo T30 Firmware



You can Download wallpapers for Bingo T30 Smartwatch from here –> Wallpapers


Till you can Enjoy our another videos from here




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24 thoughts on “Download Bingo T30 smart watch Stock Firmware flash file and Detailed review

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  3. Arjun suresh.p

    Sir,it doesn’t work for me.I noticed certain differences while comparing to the video that you given.My watch starts with a bingo logo.In my watch their is no option to change wallpaper.Is it fake bingo

    1. A2zAndroidROM Post author

      Hello Arjun,
      Please make sure Your smartwatch Have same Model id as our Firmware (There are too much variation in models).
      Please Dial *#8375# in your watch dial pad to check your firmware version (if your device is bootable).
      Above firmware is for “GPLUS61A_11C_NX9″. The problem you are saying is due to different model.

      1. akash

        me too have same verson i think its the new update.. is there any other firmwware avialable for this version or will this firmawe work

  4. Arjun suresh.p

    while checking it shows “LD991_TLX_S1_CAM3A01_LCD7789_9304_LANGB_V1.0″


    MRE VERSION-266951968

      1. Arjun

        Thank you ,for your help,i already did this,but it failed to read back.I think the watch is fake.
        I buyed it from eBay.

        Thank you for your big support…

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  6. Rahul

    Sir Mine is DZ09 Smartwatch It looks The Same but doesnt have apps like video recorder,video player and the search option.Please help me to update my firmware to the latest.

    1. A2zAndroidROM Post author

      Hi Rahul,
      Every smart watch have their own firmware and we can’t flash another watch firmware on it. you can try to flash this firmware on your watch to get all apps but before experimenting take your original firmware backup….
      Most probably you will not able to flash Another watch firmware but still you can give it a try…
      you can find one tutorial on our website and even you can use google and XDA for more information regarding R&D in smartwatches.
      Join us on Facebook!!!

        1. Rahul

          Sir i tried to flash but it shows META ERROR:ERROR IN BOOT ROM COMMUNICATION…Please help me sir

          1. A2zAndroidROM Post author

            Hello Rahul,
            This Error is due to different BROM structure of your Smartwatch.
            thats what i were talking about. Every smartwatch have their own firmware and we can’t flash them on each other until we don’t have any way to replace their bootloader, and still we don’t have any specific tutorial for that.

  7. Vikram

    Tried the above method but ain’t working.
    The MTK drivers were preinstalled so even if I try to install the ones mentioned here it said already up-to-date.

    Next when I click the download button and power off the watch. The COM12 port gets detected in Flashtool and stays at 0%(Enter Meta to Backup Cal….)

    The device manager keeps refreshing with the ping sound as if its trying to read the watch. It shows Mediatek Com for 1 sec and goes and comes and goes. and the watch screen keeps getting On-Off every 3 secs.

    Please help.

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